Guidelines for the use and handling of chemicals

Norwegian version

Approved by the University Director 24.06.2013

1. Purpose

The aim of these guidelines is to help ensure that everyone who uses and handles chemicals at the University of Bergen does so in a safe and proper manner.

3. Scope and area of application

These guidelines apply to all work with chemicals at and under the auspices of the University of Bergen, except for those projects and activities that, pursuant to other collaborative agreements, must comply with other guidelines for HSE work.

4. Responsibilities

Line managers are responsible for ensuring that these guidelines are publicised and monitored at the unit. Employees, students and guests who use and handle chemicals must comply with the guidelines.

5. Definitions

  • Line manager: Head of Department, or equivalent with overall responsibility at the unit.

  • Line manager representative: Employee who has been delegated tasks by the line manager (such as Project Manager, HSE Coordinator, Group Manager, Room Supervisor).

  • Chemical Inventory: The University of Bergen’s central electronic Register of Chemicals, ECOonline, which is used to document the presence of chemicals and biological factors hazardous to health. The Chemical Inventory is a tool for mapping and assessing risks to health, safety and the environment, as well as important when considering measures to reduce risk.

  • Safety data sheet: An accompanying note that must contain information on the hazardous properties of a chemical and the recommended precautions for its use.

  • Orderer: Employee responsible for ordering in the Basware electronic ordering system.

6. Use and handling of chemicals

6.1 Organisation

Line manager/line manager representative:

  • Shall draw up and publicise work instructions and procedures for use, transport and disposal

  • Before work begins, shall ensure that enough training and knowledge has been provided about chemicals, the handling of chemicals and any procedures

  • Shall ensure that the requisite protective equipment is available and is used

  • Shall, on the basis of a risk assessment, ensure that employees who are exposed to hazardous chemicals are informed about and undergo a suitable health examination

  • Shall ensure that a person is nominated as responsible for rooms in which chemicals are used or stored

  • Ensure that employees/students who are or may be exposed to carcinogenic or mutagenic chemicals are registered in the Exposure register.

  • Shall ensure that all storage cupboards and storage rooms are ventilated and labelled in accordance with the Labelling Regulations (Deklareringsforskriften) 1

6.2 Procurement

Employees, students and guests:

  • Shall assess the requirements, volume and substitution prior to purchase

  • Using the safety data sheet, shall find the information relating to the use, handling, storage and practice in the event of spillage and disposal of chemicals


  • Shall order chemicals

Local ECOonline coordinator:

  • Shall, on arrival at the unit, enter chemicals on the University of Bergen’s Chemical Inventory. Here, too, chemicals shall be risk-assessed in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Chemical Inventory”2

6.3 Use, handling and storage

Employees, students and guests:

  • Shall perform a risk assessment of procedures/projects in accordance with the “Guidelines for risk assessment involving health, safety and the environment”3

  • Shall read and understand the safety data sheet before work begins

  • Shall use the requisite protective equipment

  • Shall comply with the current work instructions, whether these be central instructions 4 and/or local work instructions

  • Shall use fume cupboards and safety cabinets of class IIB2 or III when working with hazardous chemicals

  • Shall ensure that incompatible chemicals are not stored together

  • Shall ensure that poison cupboards are kept locked

  • Shall store chemicals in locked storage rooms

  • Shall report any non-conformities that are discovered in accordance with the “Guidelines for reporting and follow-up of HSE non-conformities”7

6.4 Disposal

Employees, students and guests:

  • Shall dispose of chemicals in line with the “Guidelines for the disposal of hazardous waste and problem waste, ionising radiation sources and explosive waste”8

7. References

Prepared by: The HSE Section, Division of Human Resources
Adopted by: The Working Environment Committee 08.05.2013



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