Guidelines for reopening UiB's campus due to coronavirus

Approved by the University Director 14.05.2020

1. Purpose

These guidelines are to ensure that the health authorities’ guidelines, regarding Corona in connection with the return of staff and students on campus, are implemented and documented in accordance with governmental requirements and internal rules.

2. Scope

These guidelines apply to premises and organizational regulative when reopening UiB's campus. The guidelines, and accompanying instructions, have been prepared to gather the current applicable guidelines for the use of UiB's buildings.

3. Responsibility

The line managers are responsible at all times for compliance with the requirements for infection control at each unit. This should be based on the requirements from the health authorities for infection protection at all times.

4. Organization and implementation

4.1 The line manager/ line manager's representative, in collaboration with employees, safety representatives and union representatives, shall assess the risk of transmission of infection, and plan preventive measures. This must at all times be based on the health authorities' requirements for infection protection.

4.2 Access to campus

  • Employees and students must complete and pass the E-learning course in Protective Measures before they can return to campus
  • The University is now open to all employees, provided that local infection control measures are taken care of and infection prevention courses implemented.
  • The university is now open to all students, provided that local infection control measures are taken and infection prevention courses implemented.
  • The government emphasizes that, especially in large cities such as Bergen, it is a condition that this should not impose an increased burden on public transport. Employees and students who depend on public transport should therefore continue to work primarily from home.

4.3 Employees and students at risk

Employees and students at risk for covid-19, or living in the same household with someone at risk, should still have a home office / study from home.

4.4 In case of suspicion of infection

Employees and students who suspect they may have been in contact with infection or who have symptoms of respiratory infections should stay home in accordance with current regulations.

4.5 Staff and students who fall ill while on campus

Employees and students who develop symptoms of Covid-19 while on campus must immediately distance themselves from others and return home immediately.

Employees and students who are diagnosed with corona virus infection and who have been granted access to campus must report to UiB via this form:

Registration of diagnosed corona virus infection for staff and students who have access to UiB's building.

4.6 Transport to and from campus

Using public transport, many people will be gathered in the same place and it can be difficult to keep a sufficient distance. It is therefore recommended to limit the use of public transport.

4.7 Access and use of areas

The University is open to all staff and students on condition that good hygiene and infection control measures are taken. The 1-meter rule is maintained, and this will still have consequences for the university. At the universities and colleges, there is no demands for group sizes or registration of students and staff, provided that the infection control regulations are followed. Line managers should ensure that staff and students can keep a distance of at least one meter throughout working hours.

Line managers determine how many people can access the buildings. The line manager is at all times responsible for compliance with the infection protection requirements at the individual unit.

Wardrobes and shower facilities:

The Norwegian Institute for Public Health reports that wardrobes and showers can be used. Shower facilities with multiple showers should only be used by one person at a time. The occupational health service at UiB recommends that if showers and wardrobes are used, touch points must be cleaned with disinfectant by the individual between each use. Line management must consider whether this is feasible before changing rooms and / or showers.


All Sammen cafeterias are closed for the time being.

Hand hygiene should be done before and after use of the kitchen and dining room, and touch surfaces must be cleaned.

4.8 Infection Protection Equipment

You can read about infection control equipment here.

5. References

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